Nov. 30th, 2007

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Okay, I've just got one two icons right now but it's special... See, it's animated.

I was thinking of doing a whole post of animated icons, but it'd take a while, so I'm mostly curious as to if anyone would be interested in them. I've got episodes 1-6 of Season One, Episode 1 of Season 2 (Past as a prologue) and episodes 21 & 22 of Season 3. I've found a source ( where I can download them so if you've got an scene that you'd like me to do from any episode, let me know!

I'm definitely taking requests with these. I can never find what to say on animated icons- it's odd.

Oh, I've got another one I completely forgot to put in my last post!

Let me know which style you'd like! Mini-movie verses Still Frames, and what text you'd like, what scene of what episode, etc. If no one speaks up, I'll probably end up doing a bunch of random ones, so input is appreciated :D
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Hey guys, I know its kinda been a while since i posted some caps lol, but ive recently done some, all i need to do is upload them, and since it takes like 8 hours for me for some reason to upload them, Then it might take a while lol.

But here is Season 3 Episode 10, Brothers Keeper Screen Caps
There about 5000+ Caps since the caps are taken every 2 seconds.


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