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I come bearing Wallpapers!

Click on the thumbnail to get the full sized. All 1024x768, let me know if you want/need a different size.


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I cant seem to stop doing MX graphics. I've got two challenge entries for the October challenge (Really, it's only a few days late ;D) Wallpapers for everyone's viewing pleasure. Feel free to nab!

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It's first wallpaper I ever made. Be kind)))

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Here is my submission's for July's Challenge The Stars of Mutant X. The wallpapers are 800x600.  Its two verison of the same wallpaper and it features Vicky.

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1 Wallpaper
-- Brennan/Emma
14 Mutant X Icons
-- 8 Brennan/Emma
-- 3 Emma
-- 1 Shalimar
-- 1 Brennan
-- 1 Jesse and Shalimar
Preview: 1  2  3

{Link to Icons}
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Another MUTANT X desktop wallpaper: "Best friends".  (Shal and Jesse)
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