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When I saw the entry for this month’s challenge, I instantly thought back of one of my old vids, which was some kind of overview of the MX pilot, using the first 2 eps of the show. Seeing that I’m not making any kind of MX fanart anymore, [profile] firstmutanttold me to go ahead and post it, even though it’s years old - more than 3 and a half years old actually. The theme of the month being “Beginnings” is kinda amusing since this vid was one of my first (my 6th actually), that was my own beginning in the vidding domain (I’m up to 73 now – and I’ll shut up before getting nostalgic).
I wanted to do a virtual cleanup, but the links in my project file wouldn’t match with the source files. And seeing that re-editing it with a new source file was completely out of the question for me, I just had to go for the easiest solution, meaning fixing the watermark and credits while losing a little bit of quality. But I think it’s still pretty decent.
I’ll shut up now and let you enjoy the vid.

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Phantom of the Opera, Mutant X style

Created by Zael, the artist formerly known as [livejournal.com profile] socksandthecity. She's also written a tutorial about making music videos which I've listed in the resources post.

Since some of us are new to the world of fan art creation, if any of you know of other helpful tutorials out there, or have your own technique/software tips, feel free to post them. I'll add them to the list as well.


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