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 Hey All, I'm new. I have a couple pieces which I am working on, but in the mean time I was wondering if anyone had any Adam/Shalimar icons? I have the request at my journal... Any help would be very much appreciated!!! 

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Jan. 15th, 2011 01:53 pm
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here @ [livejournal.com profile] noxious_love 

26 Icons

Aug. 29th, 2008 05:49 pm
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Just a bunch of random MX icons I've had sitting on my harddrive.

Mutant X Lives
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[01-19] - Heroes
[20-27] - Hayden Panetierre
[28-36] - Mutant X 



(Rest is here)

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Was very busy and creative the last days and so I created a huge bunch of Icons from some of my most beloved Fandoms at the moment ;-) It's 4 in the morning now and the upload will take me maybe another hour, but no problem, because I'm not THAT tired... *lol* But I guess, I will be tomorrow...

46x Roswell (ONLY Season 1)
40x Torchwood (Spoilers till 2.03)
29x Mutant X (all 3 Seasons)
09x Johnny Depp
04x Kyle XY
04x Psych
01x Jared Leto
133 Icons total

Teaser 001 : Teaser 002 : Teaser 003 : Teaser 004 :


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Hellooooooooooo, good evening *lol*

I was creative again the last few days and created a bunch of Icons I wanna share... I tried a few new things and yes... I think, they are not the worst Icons I've ever made... :-) So I hope, you like them too!

19x Torchwood (mostly slash Pairings like Jack/Ianto and Jack/John)
18x Johnny Depp
09x Prison Break episode 3.09
04x Mutant X
07x Jared Leto
02x Jared Leto/Orlando Bloom
01x Home at the end of the world
03x Amaury Nolasco
63 ALL IN ALL ;-)

Teaser 001 : Teaser 002 : Teaser 003 : Teaser 004 : Teaser 005 :

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Okay... the last days I was creative again... I think, the "Dante's Cove" episode which I last saw somehow inspired me to do so... and yes, I know, there are a bit much het-pairing Icons for a gay tv-show, but I just couldn't stop myself *lol* I'm totally crazy and out of my mind, if you want to say so, but I think, I can live with that *rofl*
The BONES Icons are VERY spoilerish for Episode 3.09, so if you don't want to get spoilered an if you don't know Season 3 of BONES yet, please don't open the links... for your own sake :P But you can open the cut, because I post the Bones Icons only as links ;-)

84 Icons:
56x Dante's Cove, Season 3
14x Mutant X, Season 2
07x Johnny Depp Promo Shooting
07x Bones, Season 3, episode 09 SPOILER!!!

Teaser 001 : Teaser 002 : Teaser 003 : Teaser 004 :

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Okay, I've just got one two icons right now but it's special... See, it's animated.

I was thinking of doing a whole post of animated icons, but it'd take a while, so I'm mostly curious as to if anyone would be interested in them. I've got episodes 1-6 of Season One, Episode 1 of Season 2 (Past as a prologue) and episodes 21 & 22 of Season 3. I've found a source (veoh.com) where I can download them so if you've got an scene that you'd like me to do from any episode, let me know!

I'm definitely taking requests with these. I can never find what to say on animated icons- it's odd.

Oh, I've got another one I completely forgot to put in my last post!

Let me know which style you'd like! Mini-movie verses Still Frames, and what text you'd like, what scene of what episode, etc. If no one speaks up, I'll probably end up doing a bunch of random ones, so input is appreciated :D
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Okay, so I've got 93 icons from Mutant X Season Three Episode One. (Caps courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] karen147145, thanks so much!)

Funny thing is that I started off with just a little text and as you get further down the page, it gets way texty. Don't know what went on with that...


Into the Moonless Night

As always Comments are love, and credit is appreciated. (I won't hunt you down with a pitchfork if you don't credit me.)
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A Multifandom Post that includes 23 Mutant X Icons that I never got around to posting. Just so you all know, it's post 4/4, because I haven't done general icon posts for quite a while. So if you're intrested in other shows (Angel, Buffy, Charmed, Firefly, Harry Potter, Etc) feel free to browse the tabs at my lj!

Post Four

[39] Heroes
[23] Mutant X
[05] Supernatural

Comments are Love.
Credit is nice, not necessary.
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25 Mutant X Icons made from Promotional Pictures.

These were basically me experimenting with duality, so they're all solo images, I didn't want to try it with two people, that'd just get confusing. And can I just say, it is really hard to find good Emma, Adam, and Jesse Promo pictures. Brennan, Lexa, and Shalimar were easily found.

Anyway, Organized by character, and Hope you enjoy!


Mutant X Lives

Comments are Love.
Credit is nice, not necessary.
Feel free to alter with your own text/coloring/whatever.
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[50] Mutant X Random Icons
Please comment & credit!


1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

more is here )
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[50] Mutant X Random Icons
Please comment & credit!

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

more is here
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I'm insane. Like officially and completely insane. I took the screencaps of Shock of the New from Roach's Realm, and made over 100 icons. I don't know why, it just sort of happened. Anyway, enjoy the products of my insanity!

Actually, all I did was crop and then play with the coloring, so they're all textless, and can be used as blanks if the urge hits. Also, some are variations.

In a side note, I've been looking for the DVDs, but everywhere's sold out, its making me so frustrated! If anyone knows of anywhere (reliable) that has the MX DVDs in stock, I'd love to hear about it!

I forgot teasers!

Anyway, go here:
127 Shock of the New Icons at my lj

Comments are love.
Credit is nice, but not required.
Feel free to alter (again, credit is nice, not required).

Um... I think that's it.
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(When you go Would you even turn to say I don't love you like I did Yesterday)
Looking For Another Maker
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